Abstract Galaxy painting for kids!

Can my little one paint an abstract galaxy? Why not…

Remember those childhood days when we used to blot ink on a paper and fold it to make different symmetric patterns? I tried this today with my kid with tempera paint.

To my surprise, she was so glued on to the activity that we stepped it up a notch to make this abstract Galaxy.

Things Needed:

  1. Paper/Chart
  2. Tempera paints (or any water based, washable kids safe paint)
  3. Dropper
  4. Crystal salt
  5. Glue


Dilute the paint a little bit on your palette so that its easy to handle with the dropper. We used blue, white and purple colors for the galaxy painting.

Let your kid drop blobs of paint all over the paper in random patterns, then fold it atleast twice so that paper is completely covered with colors.

Let it dry. Then apply drops of glue randomly over the painting and sprinkle the salt on the glue to represent the stars.

Here is how it turned out!




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