Simple 3-D model – Polar habitat

Kids love to learn about animals, where they live, what they eat, what sounds they make….

A fun way to teach them about animals in a setting of their own habitat, is to make a simple 3-D model/diorama.

Here is a diorama of arctic/antarctic animals that I made with my kid.

Things needed:

  1. Empty cereal boxes
  2. Egg carton
  3. Paper
  4. Cotton
  5. Kids safe Paint
  6. Tape, scissors, glue


  1. To make the polar region setting, cut open one side of the cereal box. Cut out the mountains from the egg carton and paste it inside the cereal box. Paint them white.
  2. Use the cut side, and paste it as an extension to the box. This can be painted blue to look like the sea.
  3. Paste more cut outs from the egg carton to make it look like ice floating on water.
  4. Now make cut outs of polar animals from another cereal box/thick paper, color them and tape them to the polar region setting.
  5. Spread cotton around the mountains for snow. 

    Mommy! look how the polar bear waits on the sea ice to catch seals!!


Beach holiday keepsakes

Does your kid still relish the memories of your last beach holiday? If yes, lets make something that reminds her of those wonderful memories.

Kids love collecting sea shells at the beach. And there are a number of beautiful sea shell crafts you can make as a keepsake from the beach holiday.

Here is what we made with our sea shells collection…

Ocean treasure Jar

We filled a jar with colored rice, sea shells and all shiny little things (beads, unused jewelry etc.) that we could find lying around. My kid’s favorite pass time now is to shake the bottle to find treasure.

Refer to the link on how to make colored rice: Homemade colored rice

Adjustable Seashell and beads necklace

This one was pretty easy to make, no tools needed. A string, sea shells and some beads. String the beads and shells the way you like. Tie knots in between so the beads do not keep moving. Use a bigger bead to insert both the ends of the strings and tie a knot. This bead can be moved to adjust the length of the necklace.



Ice cream stick picture puzzle

Here is a fun activity where your kids can make their own picture puzzle.

Use any picture from a picture chart or even news paper or magazine cut outs. Layout the ice cream sticks in a row and tape on the backside to keep them in place.

Glue the picture on to the front side of the ice cream stick frame. Let it dry completely. Remove the tape on the back side. Now help your child separate the sticks by cutting the picture along the edges of each stick. Ta-da! the puzzle is ready.

Watch your kid enjoy solving her own puzzle!

P.S: For toddlers/younger kids try paper cut outs of simple shapes instead of pictures with lot of details.

Wriggly Wiggly pals…

Let’s make a wriggly caterpillar that twists and turns and moves forward.

All you need is just an empty carton of cereal/health drink mix and a piece of yarn/string. (Do not throw these away, there is so much you can do with these.. 🙂 )

Cut a long strip from the carton. Paint it green or any color your kid likes. Once the paint dries, make zig-zag folds in the strip. Punch two holes in each fold like shown in picture below. String a yarn or a cotton thread through the length of the strip, through the line of holes. Then make a loop by stringing it back through the length again, this time through the second line of holes.

Now watch the worm wriggle and move forward, when you pull and release the ends of the strings together.

(If your kid is too young to make it all by herself, involve her in painting the caterpillar, making the folds and stringing. This would help develop her fine motor skills.)

Make your own Moon that waxes and wanes

Mama, look how big the Moon is today! Mama, there is only half moon today. These are some curious observations that my toddler makes.

How about make your moon that grows bigger and smaller and surprise your kid? It could also be used to teach the different phases of the moon for bigger kids.

Here is how.

Materials Needed

  1. Empty cereal box
  2. White paper
  3. Craft paper (Black and Blue)
  4. Torch or Phone back light
  5. Scissors, Glue


Cut open one side of the cereal box to make the screen. Cut out a circle (for the moon) on the other side. Cover the opening with a plain white paper or a butter paper. Stick a blue craft paper on the front side of the box (around the circle) to make it look like night sky. Poke some holes around the circle to make it look like stars. Cut out a black craft paper to match the hole in the cardboard.

Place your cardboard screen with the moon and a phone back light in a dark room as shown below.

Now, place the round black paper in between the light source and the moon in different ways to show the moon’s different phases.


Climbing Monkey DIY craft

Here’s a fun and easy craft to make with your kid that she/he will love playing with.

Climbing Monkey:

All you need is:

An empty cereal box, a straw, Yarn/String, Couple of beads, scissors, Tape and Glue, color paper, googly eyes (optional)

Here is how to:

Draw and cut out the shape of a monkey(or any other animal/insect) from the cereal box. Stick color paper on both sides. Now cut two small pieces from the straw and tape it on the backside. Insert the yarn through the lower end of one straw piece and take it out through the lower end of the other straw to form a loop at the top. Tie the beads to the ends of the yarn so that it doesn’t come out. To complete the monkey, draw the face, and have your kid color over it and stick googly eyes.

Now hang the monkey using the yarn loop on any door handle and let your kid make it climb up and down.




DIY Finger/Stick Puppets

My Kid and I have a never dying fascination for puppets. Anytime we read a new story, we make a puppet of our favorite character in it. With a few easy steps and materials available handy at home, you can make different kinds of puppets.

To make finger puppets: Cut out small piece from a thick paper that don’t tear easily. Roll it to fit your kids finger and stick the edges. Draw the face of the character and let your kid help color it.

Stick puppets can be made with cereal boxes and ice cream sticks, straws or even old pencils for handles.

Materials Needed

  1. Empty cereal box
  2. Ice cream Stick or Straw or a pencil or a wooden skewer
  3. Color pencils/crayons
  4. Scissors and Glue


Draw the outline of the character’s face & body on the inside of the cereal box and cut it out.
Complete the other features and color it.
Stick the back to an ice cream stick or tape it to a straw.
To make a puppet that moves, cut out the hands and legs separately from the cardboard box. Punch holes and tie them loosely to the body with a thread. (See examples of the Frog and Monkey in the first picture).

Now hand the finished puppet to your kid and be fascinated by how your child can bring a story to life!

Homemade Colored Rice for Kids Sensory Play

A great way to engage your child in free play is to make your own colored rice at home. This is a good alternative to play-dough, kinetic sand or other store bought items. Involve your child in the preparation of colored rice to make it more exciting.

Materials Needed:

  1. Raw Rice (any kind that you have at home)
  2. Food Colors
  3. Plastic bags/Cups


Add food color in plastic cups. Mix little water if it is a powder rather than liquid food color. Make sure it is not very diluted so that the colors come out bright. Add some raw rice to each cup. Shake it well and allow the mixture to air dry for a couple of hours. The fun begins now! Let your kid be creative and come up with different ways to play with it.

DIY Name Banner/Bunting with patterns

Here is a fun and engaging activity for kids – making their own name banners. Make it more interesting by printing each letter on a different patterned bunting.

Materials Needed

  1. Card stock/Chart paper
  2. Kids safe paint
  3. Colored paper
  4. Holepunch
  5. Scissors
  6. Yarn/Shoe lace
  7. Glue

Cut out square or triangle shaped bunting from card stock. Let your kid paint different patterns on the card with her favorite colors. I let mine paint solid, stripe, spots, triangle and spiral patterns. Let it dry. Meanwhile cut out the letters of your kids name from the colored paper. Glue a letter to each card. Punch holes on the top edge of the card evenly. String the cards using the yarn or shoe lace.
Name banner is ready for display in your kids room.