DIY Finger/Stick Puppets

My Kid and I have a never dying fascination for puppets. Anytime we read a new story, we make a puppet of our favorite character in it. With a few easy steps and materials available handy at home, you can make different kinds of puppets.

To make finger puppets: Cut out small piece from a thick paper that don’t tear easily. Roll it to fit your kids finger and stick the edges. Draw the face of the character and let your kid help color it.

Stick puppets can be made with cereal boxes and ice cream sticks, straws or even old pencils for handles.

Materials Needed

  1. Empty cereal box
  2. Ice cream Stick or Straw or a pencil or a wooden skewer
  3. Color pencils/crayons
  4. Scissors and Glue


Draw the outline of the character’s face & body on the inside of the cereal box and cut it out.
Complete the other features and color it.
Stick the back to an ice cream stick or tape it to a straw.
To make a puppet that moves, cut out the hands and legs separately from the cardboard box. Punch holes and tie them loosely to the body with a thread. (See examples of the Frog and Monkey in the first picture).

Now hand the finished puppet to your kid and be fascinated by how your child can bring a story to life!

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