DIY Name Banner/Bunting with patterns

Here is a fun and engaging activity for kids – making their own name banners. Make it more interesting by printing each letter on a different patterned bunting.

Materials Needed

  1. Card stock/Chart paper
  2. Kids safe paint
  3. Colored paper
  4. Holepunch
  5. Scissors
  6. Yarn/Shoe lace
  7. Glue

Cut out square or triangle shaped bunting from card stock. Let your kid paint different patterns on the card with her favorite colors. I let mine paint solid, stripe, spots, triangle and spiral patterns. Let it dry. Meanwhile cut out the letters of your kids name from the colored paper. Glue a letter to each card. Punch holes on the top edge of the card evenly. String the cards using the yarn or shoe lace.
Name banner is ready for display in your kids room.

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