Make your own Moon that waxes and wanes

Mama, look how big the Moon is today! Mama, there is only half moon today. These are some curious observations that my toddler makes.

How about make your moon that grows bigger and smaller and surprise your kid? It could also be used to teach the different phases of the moon for bigger kids.

Here is how.

Materials Needed

  1. Empty cereal box
  2. White paper
  3. Craft paper (Black and Blue)
  4. Torch or Phone back light
  5. Scissors, Glue


Cut open one side of the cereal box to make the screen. Cut out a circle (for the moon) on the other side. Cover the opening with a plain white paper or a butter paper. Stick a blue craft paper on the front side of the box (around the circle) to make it look like night sky. Poke some holes around the circle to make it look like stars. Cut out a black craft paper to match the hole in the cardboard.

Place your cardboard screen with the moon and a phone back light in a dark room as shown below.

Now, place the round black paper in between the light source and the moon in different ways to show the moon’s different phases.


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