Simple 3-D model – Polar habitat

Kids love to learn about animals, where they live, what they eat, what sounds they make….

A fun way to teach them about animals in a setting of their own habitat, is to make a simple 3-D model/diorama.

Here is a diorama of arctic/antarctic animals that I made with my kid.

Things needed:

  1. Empty cereal boxes
  2. Egg carton
  3. Paper
  4. Cotton
  5. Kids safe Paint
  6. Tape, scissors, glue


  1. To make the polar region setting, cut open one side of the cereal box. Cut out the mountains from the egg carton and paste it inside the cereal box. Paint them white.
  2. Use the cut side, and paste it as an extension to the box. This can be painted blue to look like the sea.
  3. Paste more cut outs from the egg carton to make it look like ice floating on water.
  4. Now make cut outs of polar animals from another cereal box/thick paper, color them and tape them to the polar region setting.
  5. Spread cotton around the mountains for snow. 

    Mommy! look how the polar bear waits on the sea ice to catch seals!!


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