Beach holiday keepsakes

Does your kid still relish the memories of your last beach holiday? If yes, lets make something that reminds her of those wonderful memories.

Kids love collecting sea shells at the beach. And there are a number of beautiful sea shell crafts you can make as a keepsake from the beach holiday.

Here is what we made with our sea shells collection…

Ocean treasure Jar

We filled a jar with colored rice, sea shells and all shiny little things (beads, unused jewelry etc.) that we could find lying around. My kid’s favorite pass time now is to shake the bottle to find treasure.

Refer to the link on how to make colored rice: Homemade colored rice

Adjustable Seashell and beads necklace

This one was pretty easy to make, no tools needed. A string, sea shells and some beads. String the beads and shells the way you like. Tie knots in between so the beads do not keep moving. Use a bigger bead to insert both the ends of the strings and tie a knot. This bead can be moved to adjust the length of the necklace.