Warli inspired postcard painting

How cool would it be if your kid sends his/her own painted postcard/greeting to a friend this summer?

Here is a Warli (Indian Folk art) inspired way to paint, that is simple yet enjoyable for kids to do themselves with some help from parents.

Materials Needed:

  1. Foam sheet/Sponge
  2. Plastic lids
  3. Postcards/Chart Paper
  4. Water based/Kids paint
  5. Scissors and Glue

Steps to follow:

Draw Warli people (like shown below) on the foam sheet and cut it out. Stick the shapes to the top of a lid. You can also bend the shapes in the middle to make it look like dancing figures.

Paint a bright color of your choice as a background on the postcard/chart.  Let it dry. Choose a different, contrasting color for the people and dab the shapes on the lid with these colors. Now stamp the same on the chart.

Complete the painting by adding legs and hands to the people (just straight lines will do). You could also add a finger painted sun and bird.

Hope your kid enjoys the activity!

To read more about Warli Art form go to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warli



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