Wriggly Wiggly pals…

Let’s make a wriggly caterpillar that twists and turns and moves forward.

All you need is just an empty carton of cereal/health drink mix and a piece of yarn/string. (Do not throw these away, there is so much you can do with these.. 🙂 )

Cut a long strip from the carton. Paint it green or any color your kid likes. Once the paint dries, make zig-zag folds in the strip. Punch two holes in each fold like shown in picture below. String a yarn or a cotton thread through the length of the strip, through the line of holes. Then make a loop by stringing it back through the length again, this time through the second line of holes.

Now watch the worm wriggle and move forward, when you pull and release the ends of the strings together.

(If your kid is too young to make it all by herself, involve her in painting the caterpillar, making the folds and stringing. This would help develop her fine motor skills.)

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